Briar Patch Amphitheater

Briar Patch Amphitheater

Briar Patch Amphitheater

Briar Patch AmphitheaterBriar Patch AmphitheaterBriar Patch Amphitheater
Jeff Austin

About Briar Patch Amphitheater

Iowa outdoor weekend getaway


Nestled between wetland, prairie and oak-hickory forested hills, Briar Patch Amphitheater provides a unique escape into the wilderness of Iowa and an excellent acoustic environment for music, with easy access off I-35 south of Des Moines.

Established in 2000


Each outdoor concert season the Briar Patch opens its gates for a series of sunsets, campfires and musical performances featuring local and touring artists.


Join us

An unbelievably intimate setting

See the stars. Hike the trails. Camp in an Iowa forest. Hear live music with exquisite sound quality in an unbelievably intimate setting.


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Briar Patch Amphitheater

2103 Warren Avenue, Prole, IA 50229

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